List of items to known to be sensitive to heat treatments.

Bed Bugs Dieing

Bed Bugs Scattering From Heat Treatment is showing bed bugs in the process of dieing, they are running around for there lives trying to escape the heat. I love killing bed bugs thats what I do. Please call us At Cavalary Pest Control! We will handle all your Bed Bug problems! Call or Text 661-213-6039!

Cavalry Pest Control Kills bed bugs

Cavalry Pest Control kills bed bugs with HEAT! Its what I have found most effective to rid your home of bed bugs in Bakersfield, CA.



Here at Cavalry Pest Control we dont like to use Chemical to rid your home of Bed Bugs. Heat Treatment is the best way to kill all stages of Bed Bugs. Dont have to sleep on harmful chemical. Bed Bugs are becoming resistant to chemical and its not killing them. These bed bugs are one of the hardest bugs to get rid of. Im sure some of you have had some experience dealing with them yourself, think you got them down and out and boom they they are back feeding on you in the night. Not to metion you spent some money on the product that says will kill bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Bakersfield Ca

Bed Bugs Bakersfield Ca

What a infested house with bed bugs looks like being treated

A Bed Bug job Cavalry Pest Control completed, using NO CHEMICAL just HEAT! Took less then 8 Hours! Little to no prepping on the customers side. Call for more INFO 661-213-6039